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Welcome to the Dynamo Guru Podcast where we share with the world some of the most creative Guru's on the planet. 

Dynamo Guru with Gina St. George

Welcome to "Dynamo Guru with Gina St. George," the podcast where inspiration meets expertise, and mastery meets motivation. Join your host, Gina St. George, the guiding force at Dynamo Guru, as she explores the compelling world of those who excel in their fields – the hidden heroes, the silent trailblazers, and the unsung experts.

In each episode, Gina engages in candid conversations with extraordinary individuals across various industries. These are the people who have not only mastered their crafts but also represent the spirit of a true 'Dynamo Guru.' They are the thinkers, the innovators, the leaders, and the dreamers driving change in their respective arenas, be it business, technology, arts, or social impact.

Our guests recount their personal journeys, the obstacles they've surmounted, and the knowledge they've accrued. They share how they've utilized their unique skills and insights to distinguish themselves, create impactful change, and assert their authority. From professional service providers to consultants, coaches, authors, and pioneering entrepreneurs, each narrative is a source of inspiration, illustrating how one's innate strengths can be harnessed for success.

"Dynamo Guru with Gina St. George" is more than a podcast; it's a conduit for learning, inspiration, and empowerment. It's designed for those eager to learn from the best and become the best. Tune in to awaken the Dynamo Guru within you, as Gina presents the tales, tactics, and wisdom from those who've transformed their expertise into influence and their passions into significant impacts.

Embark on this journey with us to uncover, develop, and shine alongside the brightest minds in the industry. Your quest to become a Dynamo Guru begins here!

People That Love The Podcast

Tim Gillette

What a fun time being asked such great questions about how we help people. I now see myself as the Dynamo Guru in my industry. Thanks Gina. 

Jack Lowes

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